Latest Announcements

Midwest Cognitive Science Conference (2017)

The 6th annual Midwest Cognitive Science Conference (2017) is June 30 - July 1 at Miami University, Oxford OH. 

Follow the link to learn more:

Several posters accepted to Vision Sciences Society

Hanshu Zhang will present her research on "Processing Global Properties in Scene Categorization", Betsy Fox will present on "Analysis of dynamic multispectral video using systems factorial technology (SFT)", and Joe Glavan will present his research on "Temporal Organization of Color and Shape Processing during Target Detection in Conjunctive Visual Search".

Weekly research discussion (01.23.2017)

There is not weekly discussion next Monday (Jan. 16) as we will observe Martin Lurther King Jr. Day.

The following Monday (Jan. 23) Hanshu Zhang will present her thesis practice presentation that focuses on the perception of scene information. She is looking for feedback before her Master's thesis defense early this semester.

Jen Bittner accepts position at Rutgers University

Jennifer Bittner begins her Postdoctoral Fellowship at Rutgers University today (January 3, 2017)! She will work in the laboratory of Dr.

Weekly research discussion (12.14.2016)

Though it is final’s week, as a hard working group we are still going to have lab meeting on Wednesday (Dec 14, 4 pm – 5 pm).  Betsy will talk about progress on her dissertation proposal with a working title: "The development of a multi-tasking throughput model of performance and physiological data on information processing while performing the multi-attribute task battery (MAT-B) task."

Jordan Haggit successfully defends his dissertation research

On November, 21, 2016, Jordan Haggit successfully defended his dissertation research titled "A Computational Model of the Temporal Processing Characteristics of Visual Priming in Search" in the final stage of obtaining his Ph.D. at Wright State University.

Upon graduation, he has accepted a post-doctoral position at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Congratulations Dr. Haggit!