Time Series

DWT ICA Code (17Oct2017)

These files include the EEG data Robin simulated of three dipoles using the BESA software (File 1) and the corresponding parameter settings (File 2), the ICA wavelet functions to use in the R Script (File 3), and the most recent version of the R code analyzing the EEG data using TF-ICA analyses (File 4).

1) Three Dipole Data

Time Frequency - ICA analysis

Replication of analysis of neural data from Shou, Ding & Dasari (2012)

Date: 25 September 2017

Author: Joseph Houpt


PRINCE WINK Exploration Code

Code exploring the recorded ECG and EEG data with time-frequency analysis.


Hyvarinen Example2.3

Hyvarienen Example 2.3 R Code


Wavelet Analysis - Notes & Code

This file contains the notes and code Robin discussed with us including the time-frequency wavelet analysis of ERP data using MATLAB and a corresponding reference article (Roach, 2009).


Roach (2009) ERP Time-Frequency Analysis