Time Series

PRINCE WINK Exploration Code

Code exploring the recorded ECG and EEG data with time-frequency analysis.


Hyvarinen Example2.3

Hyvarienen Example 2.3 R Code


Wavelet Analysis - Notes & Code

This file contains the notes and code Robin discussed with us including the time-frequency wavelet analysis of ERP data using MATLAB and a corresponding reference article (Roach, 2009).


Roach (2009) ERP Time-Frequency Analysis

UPDATED: Chapter 7 R Code


Updated R code for exercises of Chapter 7.

Written by Joe Houpt

Chapter 7 R Code


Contains R code for some exercises of chapter 7. May contains errors.

By: Betsy

Chapter 7 Supplemental Materials

This is the derivations for working through equation 7.3 with the example (a) that follows.

R Code for Exercise 6


By Hanshu and may contain errors.

Solutions to select exercises

The link below gives you access to the Overleaf webpage to view and edit the select answers to exercise. Using this webpage you can generate a PDF copy of the solutions.


Introduction to Time Series with R - Data Files

Here are all of the files you may need when following along the Cowpertwait and Metcalfe book. 

R Cookbook - Chapter 14

Here is the Time Series Analysis chapter in the R Cookbook. This chapter describes some useful ways to organize and compute analyses with time series data. This provides an alternative approach with more flexibility in the structure of your data set.