Corinne Wright

M.S., a.b.d.

Corinne Wright is a returning Wright State University alumna who graduated with honors from the Raj Soin College of Business in 2003. After working in the financial services sector for several years, Corinne's interest in psychological theory and its relevance to workplace outcomes lead to her reentry into academia.  In 2011 she earned a Master's in Industrial Organizational psychology, with a focus on cross cultural psychology and how culture relates to trust and self-sacrifice in the workplace. In that same year, Corinne joined the lab of Valerie Shalin in order to learn more about the workplace phenomena of information transfer from the perspective of systems analysis. Her dissertation research uses a systems approach to analyze the effectiveness of university websites in its ability to provide information to student users. Corinne currently works for the Biomedical, Industrial, and Human Factors Engineering department at Wright State, on a project funded by the United States Air Force Aerospace School of Medicine. The project examines the aeromedical  evacuation process from a systems perspective in an effort to improve pain management for wounded soldiers and others transported within the aeromedical evacuation system. Corinne lives and plays in Oakwood along with her husband, Thomas and 6-year old daughter, Ava.