F. Eric Robinson

M.S., a.b.d.

Eric's primary research interests are expertise and the adaptation to environmental constraints. Eric earned his BA in psychology with a minor in sociology from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. Prior to starting at WSU, Eric worked as a research assistant for a year at Arizona State University under Nancy Cooke. He has spent much of his time at WSU working on Wright-Patterson AFB. He spent 2 years working on spatialized audio displays with Dr. Gilkey and the Air Force, and has spent the last 2.5 years working for the Naval Medical Research Unit studying hypoxia and spatial disorientation. He conducted his thesis research in local emergency rooms studying how experience
affected doctors' response to changes in shift conditions. For his dissertation, he hopes to examine how expert and novice pilots integrate non-representational spatial cues from their sensory systems with representational spatial information from their instruments.