Jasmine Duran


Jasmine Duran received her M.S in Applied Psychology from Arizona State University in 2010 under the advisement of Dr. Nancy Cooke. Her thesis research focused on the development of skill acquisition in teams. Ms. Duran is currently a graduate student in the Human Factors PhD program at Wright State University, working under the advisement of Dr. Valerie Shalin. Her research interests include training individuals and teams for adaptive performance and the measurement of human performance in complex work domains.

Ms. Duran previously spent four years working in support of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) 711th Human Performance Wing, Warfighter Readiness Division. During her time at AFRL, Ms. Duran worked closely with Air Force subject matter experts, engineers, and other scientist to develop competency-based training interventions and performance measures for the assessment of training effectiveness in the context of high fidelity simulation environments. Ms. Duran currently works for Global Cognition where she has contributed to the development and validation of a model of cross cultural competence for warfighters across the U.S. military branches.