The Communique contains news of the HFES profession, notice of upcoming meetings and Chapter announcements. Members are encouraged to contribute items.

As a benefit of being a SOH HFES Member, you will be mailed (either e-mail or snail-mail) the monthly Communique.

June 2017 Communique (current issue)

April 2017 Communique

February 2017 Communique

Communiques from 2016 & earlier:

November 2016 Communique
July 2016 Communique
May 2016 Communique 
March 2016 Communique
January 2016 Communique

March 2015 Communique
January 2015 Communique
August 2014 Communique
April 2014 Communique
January 2014 Communique
November 2013 Communique

Archived Communiques are also available for download here.